Conservation Policy


Welcome to Backcast Market, where our mission extends beyond providing a marketplace for used fly fishing gear. We are committed to promoting conservation and preserving fishable waters for future generations. This Conservation Policy outlines our dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. By using our platform, you agree to support these values.

Commitment to Conservation

1.1 Conservation Mission
Backcast Market is dedicated to promoting the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and the sustainable use of natural resources. We believe that every angler has a responsibility to protect and preserve the waters we cherish.

1.2 Charitable Contributions
Inspired by Patagonia's 1% for the Planet initiative, Backcast Market goes beyond by pledging to donate 2% of our annual profits to various conservation and environmental charitable causes.

Merchant Participation in Conservation

2.1 Voluntary Contributions
Merchants on Backcast Market have the option to allocate a portion of their sales to carbon offset projects. This is facilitated through our partnership with Stripe, allowing seamless and impactful contributions to offset carbon emissions.

Carbon Offset

3.1 App Carbon Offset
Backcast Market is committed to offsetting the carbon footprint generated by our application. We continuously evaluate our environmental impact and take proactive steps to reduce waste. Each year, we vow to make a carbon offset of our servers' operations.

Education and Awareness

4.1 Educational Initiatives
Backcast Market is dedicated to launching educational initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable fly fishing practices and broader environmental stewardship. These initiatives will include resources that educate our community on responsible angling, conservation techniques, and the importance of protecting natural habitats.

Transparency and Accountability

5.1 Auditable Donations
Our financial contributions to conservation efforts are subject to audits to ensure transparency and accountability. We provide detailed reports on the allocation and impact of these funds.

5.2 Continuous Improvement
We are committed to continuously improving our conservation efforts and updating our policies to reflect best practices in environmental sustainability.


By using Backcast Market, you support our mission to promote conservation and protect fishable waters for the future. We encourage you to join us in these efforts, whether through direct contributions, sustainable practices, or spreading awareness.

If you have any questions about our Conservation Policy or would like to learn more about our environmental initiatives, please contact us at Thank you for being a part of our community and for your commitment to preserving our natural resources.

Happy fishing and happy conserving!

Backcast Market Team